Live Q&A Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to join us for a LIVE Q&A with our Sports Networker audience!

On this page you will find instructions on what to expect leading up to, during and after the LIVE Q&A.  We have put this information together for you so you can be fully prepared for the live event.  If you have additional questions that we have not addressed below, please send an email to

How do you login to the LIVE Q&A?

We host our LIVE Q&A’s using a live video streaming service called Spreecast.  If you are viewing this page, you would have been provided with a direct link to the Spreecast event that you will be participating in.  If you have not yet received the direct link to your Spreecast….please send an email to

Here’s what you need to do to join the LIVE Spreecast:

  1. Create a Spreecast account
    1. Click create Account in the top right of the page
    2. Sign up using your Facebook Account, Twitter Account or Email address
  2. Once you have created your Spreecast account, please follow our Sports Networker channel so we can easily find your account on Spreecast
  3. LIVE Q&A Instructions
    1. We will provide you with a link to join the LIVE Q&A on your scheduled date/time.
    2. Ensure that you are using Firefox as your browser when logging in (Click here to download Firefox)
    3. Ensure you have a strong internet connection, preferably plugged in. 1.5 Mbps download and 1.0 Mbps upload speed with less than 100ms ping time is ideal (click here to check your speed and ping time).
      1.  After the Speed test is completed, click “Share this result” and you will see a letter grade from A+ to F.  This letter grade tells you the quality of your network connection.  You will need at least a C+ to have a good experience on Spreecast.
    4. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player version 10.3 or later installed. Get the latest version here
    5. Ensure you have a headset plugged in to your computer (otherwise our guests may hear an echo sounds)

When should you login to the LIVE Q&A on Spreecast?

You should click the Spreecast link provided to you via email 15 mins prior to your scheduled LIVE Q&A.  We ask you to do this so we can work out any technical issues (video & audio) prior to going live.

When the Spreecast page loads up, you will be asked to enable your camera and microphone (so we can see and hear you).  Please check on the “ALLOW” radio button and click “CLOSE” (see image to the right for an example of what you’ll see).

Once you enable your video and audio, we will see that you have joined the LIVE Q&A on Spreecast and will invite you on camera.  At this point, we will not be LIVE yet, but we will be able to chat behind the scenes to work out any technical issues before we GO LIVE!

Who will be asking the questions during the LIVE Q&A?

Most of our LIVE Q&A’s are conducted by Trevor Turnbull (COO –  However, if you have been invited by one of our Faculty – Content Partners, they may also join us during the LIVE Q&A.  We can have up to 4 people on camera at any time. So, even if there are 3 of us on the LIVE Q&A, it still allows us to bring guests on video to ask questions.

Who is invited to the LIVE Q&A?

Our LIVE Q&A’s are promoted to our entire Sports Networker audience (150,000+).  Our audience is made up of aspiring and current sports business professionals looking to advance their career in sports.

What kind of questions will we ask you during the LIVE Q&A?

The focus of our LIVE Q&A’s is to allow our members to learn from your experience in the sports industry.  Here are a few sample questions that we may ask you during the LIVE Q&A:

  1. Name/Title/Role (Introduction)
  2. What is your story?
    • What was your path into your current role?
    • Have you always known that you wanted to work in sports?
    • Who influenced you along the way? (Mentor)
  3. What role has social media played in your rise in the sports industry (if any)?
    • Networking
    • Establishing expertise
    • Unique story?? (did social media help you land a job?)
  4. What does a typical day look like for you?
    • What is the best part about your job?
    • What are some of the skills required to do your job?
  5. What advice would you give to those people aspiring to land their dream job in the sports industry?
    • Focus in one area?
    • Internships?
    • Education?
    • Free Work?
    • Networking (events, conferences, etc)?
  6. How can people connect with you online?

We also have a “Rapid Fire Question” period where we will ask you a series of questions that will require a short, concise answer. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer to these questions.  Rather, we want to hear your opinion. Here are a few sample questions that we may ask you during the Rapid Fire Question period:

  1. Is networking the most important factor in helping someone land a job in sports?
  2. Do you believe people need a college degree to work in sports?
  3. Do you have to have a passion for sports to work in sports?
  4. Should anyone looking to work in sports have a Linkedin and Twitter account?
  5. In your opinion, what sports business conference is the best one to attend and why?
  6. If you could own one sports franchise, which one would it be and why?

Once again, if you have any questions about the LIVE Q&A that you will be participating in, please feel free to send an email to with your questions.

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