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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales (PDF)

The Hot Dog Stand Marketing ebook contains 10.5 steps designed to help you THRIVE, and not just survive, in the sports business world! This EBook will show you how to swim really far and ridiculously fast in sports sales just like Mike Rudd himself. And how to achieve great success in the industry. It will [...]

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The Mental Side of Sports (PDF)

An Educational workbook for Coaches and Young Athletes to understand the Psychological side to the sports world in applying proven methods of athletes and coaches who’ve been there and done that. Click the image to the left to download a PDF copy Click here to purchase a hardcopy version on Amazon. To learn more about the [...]

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3X Personal Connection Formula (PDF)

The 3X Personal Connection Formula is a tried, tested and true method to connect with virtually anyone in the sports industry. Please note that this is a “template” only and you should do your own background research on a contact before you attempt to contact them. Hundreds of our SEA members have used this formula [...]

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How To Ace Your Sports Job Interview (PDF)

After you’ve sent in your resume and cover letter to a potential employer, sooner or later you’ll face the daunting task of interviewing for a job. It is common knowledge, though, that generally the smallest details cause people to fail during a job interview. The fact that you can score an interview at all shows [...]

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How To Write A Winning Sports Job Resume (PDF)

A resume is obviously one of the most important things someone needs in finding any job, let alone one in a field that is competitive as sports. If you can’t seem to even get a call from possible employers, it is very likely the problem lies within your resume. This ebook will go through the [...]

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How To Write A Winning Sports Job Cover Letter (PDF)

The cover letter is the sole purpose for an employer to look at the resume and determine whether or not you might be a viable candidate. If it is written badly, you might not even get a glance from a company. In most cases, the cover letter is just as important as the resume, which [...]

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Advice From The Pros (PDF)

The sports industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries to break into, and with that in mind, we wanted to provide a beneficial resource for helping you land that all-elusive sports dream job. This ebook is designed for aspiring sports business professionals looking to make his or her imprint in the sports industry [...]

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The Ultimate Sports Job Guide (PDF)

Are You Struggling To Land Your Dream Job In Sports? Want To Know How to Stand Out From 1000′s of Applicants Looking To Steal Your Dream Job In Sports? You’ve probably heard numerous times that the sports industry is ultra-competitive, but did you know that the difference between you getting a job in sports and [...]

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Sport Search – Game Plan (Worksheet), Conference Dance Card (.xls) & Who’s Managing Your Career (PDF)

Founded in 1988, SPORTSEARCH is the leading non-traditional pioneer in Retained Executive Search, Customized Recruiting and Sports Career Development, sourcing the critical layer of management, completely focused in the Sports, Recreation and Live-Event Industries. Led by Founder, Mark Tudi, SPORTSEARCH provides the following full-service solutions, on a global basis: Retained Executive Search & Tailored Recruiting Assignments Change Management Consulting [...]

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The Steps Along The Way (PDF)

A motivational sports book written about sports figures from around the world including athletes, sportscasters, coaches, agents, owners, team doctors, and locker room staff, about the challenges a youth athlete will encounter in the pursuit of professional sports. The book covers the sacrifices, dedication, and heartbreaks that come in the challenge of becoming a PRO, [...]

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