My name is Lewis Howes and I’m the founder of the Sports Executives Association (SEA). My experience in the world of sports began as a professional athlete. After a career ending injury I started to seek ways to add value to the sports industry. I went on to launch SportsNetworker.com and throw live Sports Networking events around the world. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to sports business University programs, consult with major brands regarding online marketing and social media, and connect people in the industry.

However, the SEA isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.

The SEA was created for those who take massive action, and like to see results. It doesn’t matter if you have 20+ years of experience or if you are just getting started. This is a place for those unique like-minded individuals to finally have a place to interact.

These individuals are part of a new generation. They value the power of networking with everyone, and adapt new ideas instead of sticking with the “old ways” of thinking. They also recognize the importance of staying ahead in new technologies and strategies to help their career and company grow.

Our members represent the future leaders in sports business.

The Sports Executives Association was created to give you an opportunity to:

1. Connect

Your network is your most powerful asset. Who you are connected to directly impacts not only your income, but also opportunities and results in your career. The SEA helps you to build this powerful network.

2. Learn

Those who stop learning stop growing, and they continue to get the same results year after year. Those who continue their education are able to stay ahead of the curve, and become more valuable each day. Use the SEA as a resource to further your education.

3. Get Feedback

We all have questions or ideas pertaining to our careers, businesses, products, sales, marketing, sponsorships, PR, and more. The SEA gives you a place to ask important questions, and get answers from experts across a variety topics.

We have assembled some of the brightest minds to lead the SEA to help you achieve your goals.

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